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Rosengarten   a collaborative exhibition and book by Anne Bevan and Janice Galloway


Hidden from public view, the machinery of the labour ward has developed its own dark folklore. This exhibition and book take those implements away from the heat and trauma of birth and show instead as allusive, organic and beautiful in both their intention and their appearance. 










Nine light tables containing sculptures, material and text surrounded by poems printed on felt. The work reflects some of the processes observed during extensive research at hospitals (most particularly at the Southern General, Glasgow), at collections and museums. The exhibition is permanently housed at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow. Photography by Michael Wolchover.

Things Unspoken Things Unseen   2-book set from the exhibition
A 2-book set of the highly successful exhibition by Anne Bevan and Andrea Roe of sculpture, print and video exploring the microscopic world of our shores and oceans focussing on the structure of foraminifera (microscopic single-cell organisms from which all life is descended) and climate change. Contributions by Jen Hadfield, Kathleen Jamie, Robert Alan Jamieson, Alan Spence and Janice Galloway: available to buy from the Pier Arts Centre, Orkney. Photography Anne Bevan.
Moon Pool   public installation, Tyrebagger Forest, Aberdeen


The work began with the idea of an 'enchanted forest' - the forest as a placeengendering myth, folklore and imagination. The relief sculpture of waves was cast from an impression left on the beach at low tide: fluid turned to solid, a silver pool you can stand upon. It is surrounded by fragments and poetry fusing the folklore of sea and woodland creatures become one. From a distance, these bands of words merge to form a water mark or tide line. Permanent exhibition, Aberdeen//Photography: Michael Wolchover.


ICE    What’s whispering behind you, a sound like tide?  

         A forest’s ghost, a mariner, a mouthless, boneless cry.

Calum Colvin Sacred and Profane     as part of a retrospective at of the artist's work

The Calum Colvin retrospective at the Edinburgh Print Studios celebrated snapshot views, an exhibition, a 'live' work under construction and readings late last year. Janice's contribution was a modern scottish perspective on the 1998 large-scale commission of SACRED and PROFANE, Calum's 'investigation' of classical paintings by Reubens, Canova and Titian housed at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

We should’t be here. The three of them, that

single bed: the specs are

off.  Theirs is the moment and the

meaning of the moment. The grace.



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