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All Made Up    


A tour de force . . . a testament to Galloway’s talent and a wonderful curiosity shop of the mysteries of womanhood  -  Scotsman


Defiant, funny . . . a starburst of a book - Marie Claire


Unsentimental, moving and dazzling . . .  a wonderful act of creativity  -  Metro

This is Not About Me
Staggeringly well done, without a lazy line or thought in it - Guardian
A book unlike any other, in which Galloway captures what it means to start to become yourself  - Lavinia Greenlaw
This is what our best writers do: they ignore categories and produce original, vital work  - Jenny Diski


Some of the best words written on thwarted love since Romeo and Juliet - full of humanism, generosity, and a passionate, beating heart  -  The Times


This is fiction so well-realised you wonder why biography even bothers  -  Scotsman


Virtuoso story-telling  -  Irish Times 


A shimmering piece of work   - New York Times


The Trick is to Keep Breathing  

From brilliant title to closing injunction, it hums with intelligence, clarity, wit - The Listener


Superbly rendered in fresh-minted prose, a woman with more problems than you, dreadfully well done - Kirkus


Resembles Tristram Shandy as rewritten by Sylvia Plath - New York Times


A contemporary classic   Scotsman



Foreign Parts

Immaculately described . . the immediacy of an x-ray, the urgency of poetry  - Penelope Mortimer


Sparkling with wit, brisk with unsentimentality . . .  a pleasure from start to finish  - Guardian


Funny, poignant and written in wonderfully vivid prose  - Daily Telegraph


A writer of rare intelligence  - Irish Times

Collected Stories

The stories from her first volume of stories, Blood, and her second, Where You Find It


Writing that veers between the good and the simply superb  -  Scotsman


Galloway is a literary endoscopist - writing has rarely been so visceral  -  Independent


In her best work, nothing is ordinary - Times Literary Supplement


Confirms the skill and originality that wins her awards  -  Daily Telegraph

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