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Janice Galloway

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Janice Galloway is an internationally-acclaimed author of novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction, collaborative works with sculptors, painters, musicians, typographers, photographers and videographers. This site includes an ambitiously-named BLOG (occasional ramblings),  contact details and details about some of the work. 

Macedonia,Scotland, accordions


with two new stories 

Trick is to Keep Breathing
IMG_20190208_140637518 2_edited_edited.j

Desert Island Booklist

(promised to Glad Cafe)

Jellyfish is a timely reminder that she is one of the finest writers around. Each story, each sentence, is beautifully crafted by someone who cares enough to take such care. Often when something is so meticulously crafted the results can be admirable yet cold. However, these stories exude a raw emotion that is barely contained on the page. Love, anger, loss, desire – there are passions on show which are palpable, and which stir the senses like few writers can. If you read a better book than Jellyfish this year you are a very lucky person indeed . . .       Read full review here


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